These extensions can be included in a Zoho application. Each is a different way of capturing information that is useful to running a company. Even if you are not hiring new employees it is good to document everything from a new employees point of view. These also provide examples of what can be done with a Zoho database.

The Mission Statement keeps everyone in the company focused on the same goal.

The complexity of running a business is increasing. Computers make tasks easier but they require steps to be done in a specific order. The Policies and Procedures section helps organize your Policies & Procedures. This section can also be used for Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Over time every company develops its own jargon in addition to the jargon of the industry. The Glossary is a good place to keep track of the key words and abbreviations that are used in your company.

The What Next Analysis is a place to describe the steps in a process. This helps identify missing steps or inefficient steps.

Customer Complaints, Compliments and Comments (CCCC) helps organize all the feedback received from your customers.

There are other extensions that are useful for larger projects that are not shown here. These include a method to track Software Requests, Software Testing Checklist and Training Checklist.

All of these extensions are ways to capture and share knowledge across an organization.
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