Software Requests

Adding a Software Requests section to an application will improve communication and reduce costs

Zoho Get list of Forms & Reports

Build a list of all Forms and Reports in an application. The source code is in Zoho Extensions-Zoho Tricks with a description of: Get list of Forms & Reports in App

Zoho Custom Actions

Custom Action buttons add power to an application. They can also reduce the steps in a process

Encouraging and Managing Scope Creep

Scope Creep has been considered a negative. Times have changed!

Show What's Missing

Knowing what's missing can be more important than knowing what you have

Zoho Creator Menu with Icons

Show the tasks that haven't been done or documents that haven't been uploaded

Zoho Creator Menu with Icons

Add Icons to Menu for a more appealing user interface

Zoho Forms

Overview of Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms Advanced Features

Advanced Features of Zoho Forms

Zoho Reports

Overview of Zoho Reports

Zoho Reports (edit mode)

Edit Mode Options for Zoho Reports


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