Database Design & Development

All business problems are fundamentally communication problems.

If the data needs of your business are more complex than can be handled by off the shelf software, you need a customized database system. Working with your staff we can determine your exact information needs and build a software solution to simplify your business. A good system can reduce the time spent on mundane tasks and also prevent important tasks from falling through the cracks.

Having the correct information at your fingertips improves customer relations and reduces time and costs. When your staff spends less time on paperwork moral goes up and stress goes down.

For several years I've been working with the online database from Zoho. The name Zoho is a play on the term SOHO (Small Office Home Office). Zoho is perfect for SOHO. All data and software is stored on the Zoho site. You don't have to worry about daily backups and database management. If I add a feature to your software it is immediately available to you and your staff.

Zoho databases can easily be incorporated into your website. This can be a simple list of the products you sell or input forms to gather information from your customers.

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