When building a website create a Note page to  keep track of what you liked about different settings.

Also keep track of pages are still left to do

There is a check box for each page 'Show in navigation'

Completed pages

  • Articles-To Do
  • Other Services
  • Picnic 
  • Picnic Registration 
  • Special Features

Zoho Show
Go to Publish to get the embed code add "&TP=true" to the iframe code snippet to get rid of the Zoho Show logo.


Yola html Helper http://html101.yolasite.com/

Add a footer http://forum.yola.com/yola/topics/footers_and_page_headings_to_have_ability_to_say_apply_to_all_pages_in_yola

To remove a banner add this css

#sys_banner {

Yola Style Wide Rounded Glass

background of 646464 is a nice neutral  color


http://www.bannerfans.com/login.php herbwexler

  • Done-Home  
  • Done-Contact Me
  • Done-Broccoli Flavored Doritos
  • Done-Database Design & Development
  • Done-Deer
  • Done-Fees
  • Medical Edge Videos
  • Wireframe Videos
  • done-Business Management
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Done-Passing The Baton
  • Done-Personal Commandments 
  • Done-New Project Request
  • Done-The Case for Web Based Applications-Part I
  • Done-The Case for Web Based Applications-Part II
  • Done-The Case for Web Based Applications-Part III
  • Done-The Final Step
  • Done-Time Management
  • Done-Total Cost of Ownership - TCO
  • Done-Software Training
  • Done-Preventing Mediocrity 
  • Done-Scientific Method
  • Done-Healthcare Thoughts
  • Done-How to Set Prices
  • Not Needed-Internet Training
  • SCBC Procedures 
  • SCBC Procedures Videos 
  • SCBC Completed Rides  

  • Ride Start Locations 
  • Rides Needing After Ride Info 
  • SCBC Calendar Approved Rides 
  • SCBC Calendar List 
  • SCBC Calendar View RL 
  • SCBC page 
  • SCBC Ride Calendar
  • SCBC Ride Calendar List RL
  • SCBC Ride Coordinators
  • SCBC Ride Coordinators List
  • SCBC Ride Leaders
  • SCBC Ride Library
  • SCBC Ride Library RC


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very tall ladder

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