Passing The Baton

The areas that are hardest to control are the borders between functional areas. People are different. That is why they choose different professions. By building communication points into your processes, you can help your staff to understand each other and provide better service to your customers

Time Management

Know your mission statement. Time management requires an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish, not just efficiency techniques

The Case for Web Based Applications

Part I

Part II 

Part III

Web Based software applications reduce the total cost of ownership by reducing the hardware and maintenance requirements 

Let someone else handle the complex tasks, you need to get back to doing the real work of your business 

Classical economists, all the way back to Adam Smith and his pin factory, have talked about moving work to where it can be done best. The internet opens up more ways for work to find the most efficient producer

Scientific Method

Using the scientific method should help you establish how you can improve your business

Personal Commandments

Unlike Moses, I do not expect you to follow my commandments. However I do hope that some neurons snap that haven’t snapped before

Broccoli Flavored Doritos

New product strategy needs to look at the potential market but also the strengths of the company and the weaknesses of the competitors

How to Set Prices

I don’t know much about setting prices. I do know if you do it wrong, you can kill your company

Opportunity Cost

Unlimited wants limited resources. That pretty much sums up economics. It is the fundamental truth you will face every day in your own business

Total Cost of Ownership - TCO

Instead of just comparing the purchase price of two similar items and buying the item with the lower price tag look at what the costs will be over time

The Final Step

Release notes are critical for your customer’s success


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