Every business problem is fundamentally a communication problem!

If your business is not operating as smoothly as you think it should then I can help. The most common problem in any business is communication.  Just as in a relay race each runner can be fast but if passing of the baton is inefficient the race is lost.

Actually, a relay race is a poor example because the athletes compete in the same sport. You don't have a runner passing the baton to a swimmer who then passes the baton to a bicyclist.

In the business world, you have the product developers turning the product over to installers who then turn it over to the trainers and then to technical support. Each group thinks differently. That's why you hired them! You want your quality assurance people to be constantly thinking of all the things that can go wrong. You want your salespeople to think your product is perfect.  Since they do think differently and have different priorities communications is vital for the success of your company.

Cloud computing is a great way to make sure the entire team and the customers have access to the necessary information.

The world of technology is constantly changing. This also includes the words we use to describe the concepts. You will find many different definitions for cloud computing. My definition of cloud computing is 'your data is on the internet'. If your computer crashes can you go to another computer and keep working? If your answer is Yes then you have embraced cloud computing! If your answer is no then I can help you reap the benefits of the technology that will shape the future.

Remember that technology by itself will not solve a companies problems. All members of the team need to understand the importance of communications. I can work with your team to simplify communication which will reduce your costs and improve your customers experience.

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- Herb Wexler

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